West Hollywood, California Real Estate Facts

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Here, we discuss the housing market in West Hollywood, which has been a buyer’s market in 2024. Prices tend to be lower, and homes stay on the market longer.

What are Housing Prices in West Hollywood, California?

The median home sold price in West Hollywood was $1,206,666 in February 2024, up 9.7% from last year, and the median price per square foot was $870.

The median sold price by bedroom count as of February 2024 is:

  • 1 Bedroom $675K
  • 2 Bedrooms $1.1M
  • 3 Bedrooms $2.4M
  • 4 Bedrooms $2.0M
  • 5+ Bedrooms $2.8M

The median sold price compared to nearby cities is:

  • West Hollywood $1.2M
  • Los Angeles $976.3K
  • Beverly Hills $3.1M

The West Hollywood real estate market had 211 homes for sale in February 2024, a 15.3% increase compared to January 2024. At month’s end, 20 homes were sold or pending. Of the 20 sold homes, 50% were sold under asking, 30% were sold at asking, and 20% were sold over asking.

In February 2024, homes in West Hollywood had an average of 47 days on the market in Feb 2024, down by 11.4% compared to last year.

How Can ListWizer Help Me Buy or Sell a Home in West Hollywood, California?

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