What services do real estate agents provide?

Real estate agents have traditionally provided complete service throughout the entire home selling process which typically lasts between 60-90 days. This often includes, but is certainly not limited to, the following:

1) Initial consultation

2) Pricing the home to sell

3) Taking professional pictures of the home

4) Marketing the home

5) Scheduling viewings and open houses

6) Negotiating price

7) Submitting paperwork

8) Scheduling inspections

9) Scheduling the closing

Throughout the process, a good agent is there each step of the way to explain the process and answer any questions you have. Discount brokerages are similar to traditional full-service brokers; however, most discount brokers tend to offer a bundle of services rather than the full-service experience. A good middle ground between the discount and traditional brokerages can be found in models like Listwizer, which offers full-service at lower commission fees.

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